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National Life Chain  Video

Interview Sharron Albertson on Point of View

Interview by North Carolina Family Council - Royce Dunn, Sept 23, 2006 - QuickTime - RealPlayer

Interview by VCY America Cross Talk - Royce Dunn, Sept 25, 2006 - MP3 - RealPlayer

Life Chain 2006 Public Service Audio

Click for Just The Facts about the Unborn
- FLASH version - TEXT

Life Chain 2006 Public Service Audio

Life Chain  Video

Life Chain on Radio - Sharron Albertson on KSKY in Dallas - Session - 1st  2nd  

Dayton-Kettering Ohio Video

Falls Church Virginia Video 
    Life Chain (English)
    Life Chain (Spanish)

Gatesville North Carolina Video

Madison Wisconsin Video

Lakeland Florida Video (music theme / quality)
    Life Chain (Contemporary / HighQuality)
    Life Chain (Country / HighQuality) 3min
    Life Chain (Traditional / HighQuality) 3min
    Life Chain (Kids / HighQuality) 3min

Brevard Florida Video Brevard Life Chain  

Three minute promo Video

One minute promo Video


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