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This is a web site for any Life Chain group or coordinator to share information and
pictures of activities in their local group. Just contact Sharron by eMail.

   Sample Letters to local coordinators:

Letter adapted from letter by John Pinedo, Houston

September 200x

Dear Life Chain Captain,

Enclosed you will find:
o A customized master for the [ your area ] Life Chain flyers
o Some bulletin announcements
o Sample flyer from last year

The customized master copy is for making flyers for your parish/church. You should use it to make flyers for inserts to your bulletin. You will need to get your pastor's consent. For best results, you should promote the Life Chain several Sundays and get your priest/pastor to go, too. You should make extra flyers. The extras are for pick up on the day of the Life Chain ( Oct. x ). If your priest/pastor agrees to go, then you should ask him to make a pulpit announcement encouraging his parishioners to join him. If he won't go, then you might still have a pulpit announcement on Life Chain Sunday to remind your parishioners/church members. Having both pulpit announcements and bulletin announcements works best.

Your Life Chain master copy is customized for your parish/church. I suggest that you use this master to make double-sided copies, and then cut them in half, making half-page size flyers. You might get your parish/church secretary to make copies for you.

If I can be of more assistance, please call me at (your phone number).

Yours for LIFE,

(Your name)

P.S. On the day of the Life Chain, please count the number of people from your parish/church. I will be asking you for that count for our followup.

Start a Life Chain in Your Own City.  If you would like to have a Life Chain in your own community, you can get a comprehensive guide including step-by-step instructions, sample letters and brochures, and a video introduction to the life chain concept.

Send a request with your name, address, and telephone number to Royce Dunn , National Life Chain Office, c/o Please Let Me Live, Inc., 3209 Colusa Highway, Yuba City, California 95993.  You may send an email or call at 530-671-5500.  If you are in Texas, contact Sharron Albertson, Texas Director at 972-618-0400.

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